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The Ancestor Series of Adventure-thrillers, Book 1

I recently read the second book in this series and was fascinated by the theme, the descriptions and the plot.  I, therefore, accepted this book from the publisher and was as fascinated as with the other.  The theme is actually one that should be Science Fiction, which it incorporates very well with logical action and motives.

The opening depicts a young Mayan girl living in what is now Belize about 1100 years ago coming upon a cache within a tree when fleeing a Jaguar hunting her.  She climbs the tree finding a control panel which in desperation she operates and enters a passage which opens into a chamber containing marvels unknown to the world.  She uses the tools found that she masters and becomes a priestess to her people, and sets up a diary of her actions and discoveries.

Shifting to present day, the diary is translated and gives enough information to direct a team of UN investigators to go to the area and attempt to open the chamber.  The problems encountered by the team consisting of Mary Ellen Rollins and Dr John Morgan are logical and don’t depend on any super human abilities of the two.  They find a way into the chamber discovering marvels placed there by aliens that visited the earth about 180,000 years ago.  Interludes in the story indicate that these aliens are still monitoring our planet, and it is unclear if they are benevolent or enemies.

Representatives from China become aware of the tree and the material within it. They decide that they must be the ones to acquire it, and attempt to steal it using advanced cloaking technology and weapons.

The book is engrossing, a fast read and is notable in that it uses “normal” situations stretched only with materials that are currently being developed in the world as well as the devices left by the aliens.

I will certainly read the other books in the series, and recommend this as an interesting and well written book.

7/14 Paul Lane

THE MOUNTAIN PLACE OF KNOWLEDGE by Marshall Chamberlain. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (November 26, 2013). ISBN 978-1493554355. 458p.

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