HURRICANE FEVER by Tobias S. Buckell

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Buckell was raised in the Caribbean before he returned to the U.S. His novel provides an insight into the politics and problems of the islands that are currently mainly tourist areas. It is set a little into the future and brings the islands into a setting that has made them economically much different than they are today.

They have improved their infrastructures due to the finding and selling of large oil deposits in their offshore waters. Most important, an agency termed the Caribbean Intelligence Agency was formed by a consortium of the islands’ governments, trained by the CIA and British MI6. It consists of highly trained and capable agents fighting the enemies of the Caribbean.

Prudence (Roo) Jones was an agent of the Caribbean group until he built himself a personal fortune,retired and decided to dedicate his life to beach combing and traveling on his boat. Events that occurred prior to this novel’s opening made him the caretaker for his orphaned teenaged nephew. He is immersed in making sure that the boy goes to school and takes an interest in making sure that his nephew grows up to be a good citizen and adult.

A message is received from a former colleague marked, “You will get this if I am dead.” Roo had worked with that man while both were agents of the Caribbean Intelligence Agency and were firm friends. Roo goes after the package indicated in the message in the interest of following through on their friendship.

Shortly after the message arrives, a beautiful young lady knocks on his door announcing that she is his now deceased friend’s sister. While Roo knew that there was no sister he goes along with her to try and determine what she is after.

Buckell creates an atmosphere of constant action both with bad guys coming out, and several hurricanes starting up in a Caribbean whose weather patterns have greatly changed. The book retains the reader’s undivided attention and is definitely an all nighter as the various blanks are filled in including the young lady’s intentions and definitely setting up the next book in this series. Excellent read.

6/14 Paul Lane

HURRICANE FEVER by Tobias S. Buckell. Tor Books; First Edition edition (July 1, 2014). ISBN 978-0765319227. 272p.

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