HAUTE DOGS by Russell Van Kraayenburg

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Nothing quite says summer like breaking out the grill – and hot dogs are generally my grilled meal of choice. Simple or complex, I do love ‘em, which is why Russell Van Kraayenburg’s new cookbook, Haute Dogs, was a must have for me.

From classics like the Chicago Dog and the Coney Island Dog to more unique entries like the São Paolo Potato Dog and The Norwegian, this cookbook has every variety and combination you can imagine and some you’d probably never come up with on your own.

Best of all, Van Kraayenburg includes recipes for just about every component in each recipe: chilis, sauces, and other condiments as well as the dogs themselves and even homemade buns. There are also variations and shopping suggestions for some of the harder to find ingredients.

So far we’ve tried the cabbage, jalapeno, and cream cheese topped Seattle-Style, the Colombian Pineapple Dog (complete with homemade pineapple relish and Van Kraayenburg’s Salsa Golf), and the Coney Island Dog paired with the book’s tasty cole slaw.

While I likely won’t try my hand at making my own dogs, I do have plans to try many more of the recipes in this unique and so far excellent book.

6/14 Becky Lejeune

HAUTE DOGS by Russell Van Kraayenburg. Quirk Books (April 29, 2014). ISBN 978-1594746758. 168p.

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