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Spenser series, Book 42

Say, haven’t I read this before on ESPN?

Kinjo Heywood was a college all-American at Auburn and is now a ferocious Pro Bowl middle linebacker for the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, he has a penchant for off-the field violence as well.

When he thinks he’s being followed, his agent hires Boston private investigator Spenser to find and discourage the followers. But Spenser’s simple bodyguard duty turns serious when Kinjo’s 10-year-old son is kidnapped.

Perhaps it was masterminded by the boy’s mother, Kinjo’s ex-wife. Nope. She has an alibi and is every bit as invested in the boy’s return as Kinjo. How about the current trophy wife? Nope again; Spenser eliminates her fairly quickly. Perhaps the kidnapping goes back to Kinjo’s possible involvement in a shooting death at a New York dance club.

The three superheroes – Spenser, longtime running buddy Hawk, and Spenser’s protégé Z – employ their usual investigative techniques of intimidation and smart-ass repartee to solve the case. Spenser is as tough and funny as ever, and Atkins has become a worthy successor to Parker.

6/14 Jack Quick

ROBERT B. PARKER’S CHEAP SHOT by Ace Atkins. Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (May 6, 2014).  ISBN 978-0399161582. 320p.

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