A BETTER WORLD by Marcus Sakey

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The Brilliance Saga, Book Two

A continuation of Sakey’s novel “Brilliance,” in which we learned that beginning about 1980 approximately 1% of the population was born with gifts formerly only dreamed of. Some were very high level geniuses, some could sense the inner most thoughts of people they came in contact with, move around virtually unseen or make fortunes predicting the movements of the stock market. There arose a divide between the “Brilliants” as they were termed and the remainder of the population
deepening over the 30 years that followed.

Present day and the opening of this book finds a terrorist organization composed of Brilliants launching attacks against the normal population, crippling three cities by preventing communications, deliveries of goods to stores, no answers to 911 calls for help and fanatics among the group actually burning people alive.

Nick Cooper, introduced in “Brilliance” is a Brilliant, working for the U.S. government, opposed to the people launching war against the normals, volunteers to help the president combat the revolutionaries. He works against them as the country moves inexorably towards civil war with the revolutionaries determined to change the status quo even if it means destruction and devastation of the nation.

The ending abruptly sets up a third book in the series and like book one leaves the reader either awaiting the next book or uninterested in continuing. Sakey is a master writer and the middle part of A Better World is well executed, but leaving the reader trying to put pieces together. Well written, but spoiled by abrupt beginning and ending which brings the expectation that the whole would be better if written as one long novel.

Note: According to the publicist, Legendary Pictures is scheduled to start production on the film version of Brilliance later this year.

6/14 Paul Lane

A BETTER WORLD by Marcus Sakey. Thomas & Mercer (June 17, 2014).  ISBN 978-1477823941. 390p.

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