SAVE THE DATE by Mary Kay Andrews

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Mary Kay Andrews is my go to summer read every June, and I just loved her latest!

Cara Mia Kryzik inherited the flower shop where she worked in Savannah, Georgia, when the owner decided to spend her remaining days in Florida. Turning “Bloom” into a successful business has Cara stressed, to say the least. Her only salvation is her Goldendoodle, who she bought after her divorce to keep her company. When the dog takes off one morning, Cara goes running after her, only to find a gorgeous hunk of a man has her dog, a rope tied around her neck. He insists the dog is his, and takes off with her.

Cara has to get back to work. As Savannah’s most original wedding florist, her work is starting to build demand and she has weddings lined up every weekend. Of course she runs into Jack, the dognapper, at the first wedding…and the second…and the third. Seems like Jack is related to or knows everyone in Savannah. Turns out Jack has a Goldendoodle too, and after one night with Cara’s dog he realizes his mistake.

Adding to her stress, Cara’s father lent her $20,000 but calls regularly to let her know she needs to close up shop, pay him back and move home. But despite the fact she’s living hand to mouth, her business is steadily growing, if only her old equipment would hold out.

When the air conditioner finally dies, Cara is in a quandary. Her cheap landlady died, leaving the store to her equally cheap daughter who isn’t returning any calls. A new florist has moved into town, expanding his shop and trying to put hers out of business at the same time.

Lots of angst, but lots of romance and Andrews’ trademark southern charm make this a terrific fast paced read with warm, fully realized characters, crisp writing, and a terrific storyline. I raced through it in one night and loved every page. I especially loved the little nod to her series characters that pops up.

Save the Date is the best way to kick off summer reading. Don’t miss it!

6/14 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

SAVE THE DATE by Mary Kay Andrews. St. Martin’s Press (June 3, 2014). ISBN 978-1250019691. 448p.

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