SUSPICION by Joseph Finder

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Finder takes his time coming out with new books to the absolute benefit of his fans since they are all well done, with fascinating plots and development of those plots. Suspicion carries on the tradition.

Danny Goodman is a single father raising a daughter. She attends an expensive and exclusive private school with Danny finding it difficult to pay the tuition and other expenses to maintain her place with her classmates. Suddenly out of the blue Tom Galvin, wealthy father of a girl that is friendly with Danny’s makes him a loan of $50,000.00. Galvin wants to keep Danny’s daughter with his at the school since they like each other so much. Danny accepts the loan in order to keep his daughter there.

As quickly as the wire transfer of the $50K to his account appears Danny is contacted by agents of the DEA telling him that if he doesn’t cooperate with them in helping to obtain evidence against Tom Galvin as a ranking member of a drug cartel they will prosecute him for possession of drug money. Danny does not have the funds to fight the the accusation of receiving drug funds and is forced to begin following the DEA’s orders to begin amassing data on Galvin.

He succeeds in following the orders given to him, but the agents are apparently never satisfied and continue to threaten and press him for more. Finder puts the reader into the minds of the principal characters and sets up logical situations building on each other. The ending is well done and satisfies the desire of the reader to logically follow the chain of events and the actions of the people involved.

5/14 Paul Lane

SUSPICION by Joseph Finder. Dutton Adult; First Edition edition (May 27, 2014). ISBN978-0525954606. 400p.

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