THE TARGET by L. J. Sellers

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With her latest Agent Dallas outing, Ms. Sellers has once again hit it out of the park. Focusing on the world of industrial espionage and cutting edge medical technology, Sellers shows that while greed is universal and seemingly boundless, you can’t keep a good agent down, and Agent Dallas is the best of the best.

Dallas lives for the thrill of working undercover and rides high on the adrenaline rush from a tense situation. The death of another agent in San Diego under suspicious circumstances starts her on the new assignment, which quickly becomes high risk. The stakes are high and the other side thinks nothing of taking those who interfere off the board. permanently.

Intertwined with the case is the murder of an aging film star. Are the two cases connected? Few authors can do one successful series, but Sellers has two – with Detective Jackson and with Agent Dallas. Which is better? Try both and decide for yourself.

05/14 Jack Quick

THE TARGET by L. J. Sellers. Spellbinder Press (May 20, 2014). ebook. ASIN B00JLSQH2M. 300p.

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