OSLO SPIES by S J Slagle

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Phyllis Bowden Series, Book 2

The second book featuring  Phyllis Bowden, a young woman working for military intelligence during the final days of World War II.  She had been assigned to the office in London but the opening of this book finds her transferred to Oslo, Norway as aide to the Military Attache in the American Embassy.  She is tasked with finding families of Norwegians killed by the Nazis and notifying these relatives in order to help them find closure with the knowledge. She also handles work as assigned by the Attache.

The love of her life, Joe Schneider, briefly visits her in Oslo before leaving on an assignment to Romania. He works as an agent for England’s MI5 and is searching for an object that his office deems necessary to close several problem areas. But while in Oslo Joe and Peggy become engaged to be married as soon as possible.

While Joe is away in Romania, Peggy literally finds a little girl of about five adrift on the streets and takes her in as a means of providing care. Even at the child’s young age she is technically branded a traitor due to her father being a Nazi officer living with a Norwegian woman. It also develops that her German father gave the girl a doll before he left Norway containing secret information that both England and Russia are anxious to obtain.

Slagle manages to set up the chaotic situation existing in Norway after being held by Germany for five years. Goods and services are scarce and only available through donations by friendly countries or sold in near by Sweden neutral during the period described. The little girl becomes the key to resolution of finding the information secreted in her doll which she lost as she fled with her mother. And the next book in the series is neatly set up by the ending of this one so that Oslo Spies becomes a well done stand alone novel.

8/18 Paul Lane

OSLO SPIES by S J Slagle. Independently Published.  ISBN 978-1370291908. 350p.


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