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Hellcat Canyon Novel, Book 1

Once again I’m working my way backwards into a series. I read book 4, The First Time at Firelight Falls, and liked it so much that I searched out the first book in the series and will go from there.

JT is an actor who is a bit adrift. He was the hottest thing on TV with a catchphrase and everything, but that was years ago. Now he’s pushing forty and trying to stay relevant. His truck breaks down in the small town of Hellcat Canyon, and he stops at the only restaurant in town, the diner, where he meets a cute waitress.

Britt is the waitress, and she’s come out of an abusive relationship and is not looking for more. But their chemistry is undeniable even though they both fight it. Being that this is the first book in the series, there are a lot of introductions to the town and the folks who live there. The romance is central though, and there is a lot of humor and some steamy scenes as well.

This was a fun read but I’m guessing, based on reading book 4, that it gets better as the series progresses.

7/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

HOT IN HELLCAT CANYON by Julie Anne Long. Avon (May 31, 2016). ISBN 978-0062397614.  384p.



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