BREAKAWAY by Kelly Jamieson

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Heller Brothers Hockey, Book 1

I recently read and reviewed Dancing in the Rain by this author, so when BookBub had an offer for this book for free on my Kindle, I grabbed it. And I was very glad I did.

I recently learned that sports romances are a subgenre of the whole romance thing, which I like a lot. I feel like I am always learning about romance books since I haven’t been reading them that long. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a series based around football players, and Jamieson has hockey. I’ve also learned that Jase is a very popular in contemporary romance.

This Jase is a hockey player with a fictional Chicago professional hockey team. He has several brothers who also play and they are from Canada.

Remi is a teacher who lost her parents as a young woman, and basically raised her younger siblings. The youngest has just moved out and her friends think she should go out clubbing, find a guy and live a little. She’s not sure about all that, but she agrees to go. While at the club, she escapes a few creeps and meets Jase when she asks him to do her a favor. She’s not really his type but all she wants is to talk for a few minutes so everyone else will leave her alone.

The next thing you know, they are back at her place and she is having major fun, and so is he. He promises he’ll call but a few days later, Remi is in her classroom waiting for the hockey stars who agreed to help with the after school remedial reading program. Of course Jase is one of them. Remi knows nothing about hockey but her students do, and she really cares about them. On the other hand, Jase had a lot of trouble in school and really hates teachers, so he is over Remi in a heartbeat.

Of course working together for several weeks keeps throwing them together and they start seeing each other, just for fun. But fun eventually turns to love, but not before they have to overcome some obstacles along the way.

This was a fun, sexy read and I will be looking for more from this author. These appear to be self published, but I’d bet there was a professional editor involved with Jamieson’s books – they are too good.

9/17 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

BREAKAWAY by Kelly Jamieson. Kelly Jamieson; 2 edition (April 24, 2015). ISBN 978-0991853274.  234p.


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